The last of the baby boomersÖborn too late to enjoy the post-war relief and carefree naivety of the 50ís. We were also a little too young to jump on the bandwagon of flower children and hippiedom, but we sure gave it our best shot, didnít we?!

As far as I know, our class didnít spawn any actors, actresses, politicians, or likewise famous people (although one of us did gain a measure of notoriety several years ago). This is not to say that several members of our class havenít made outstanding contributions to society on regional or local levels, because they have. However, the main goal for most of us was simply to be successful, whether that translated to financial, humanitarian, or familial rewards. We hoped for the best as we looked toward our future and ventured into the unknown after graduation.

We were a large class with way too many personalities to know intimately, but we shared common bonds. We listened to the same music, knew virtually any name that anyone mentioned in conversation or gossip, attended the same school and social functions, and shared in the triumphs and tragedies of our hometown. Too many of our classmates have died, and we mourned the passing of each one of them over the years, but most of us are still hanging on.

Our high school experience wasnít limited to only the class of í71. For all the friends we had in upper and lower classmates, we welcome you to make full use of our site, and feel free to link to it. We have the potential to further enrich our own and each otherís lives by getting to know more about one another. Thatís the purpose of this site. If there is enough interest and other class sites up and running (or planned) we would love to add a space for all of the other classes to participate. Please contact us if you have any interest

We are the Hutch High Salt Hawks, Class of í71!