Your Father Is Fishing They Think We Did It! Cant Communicate
Hanging Out Signs Seen... Are you Stupid?
Answering Machines The 3 Moles Chicken Breasts
Can't Wait That Long FBI Agents Rolling Stone
Winnie The Shit What Would You Choose? If my dad was...
Please Excuse Johnny... It's Illegal to.. Whats that noise?
Trick Your Roommate Where'd you get that hair? Work or Prison..
Breaks Over Justice? The bull wins
Good News..Bad News Answered Prayers Crazy Interviews
Buying the Bull Good for business Thanks Dad!
New Baby ventriloquist Getting A Fax
Twins You need a vacation when... Quotes
Doctor Quick Takes Bumper Stickers Condit's Surgery
Afterlife Too Little Too Late Mother's Dictionary
Just Rewards House Repairs Which Horse?
Vocabulary Words Convict Family Business
Language Barrier Dinner at G's How Old?
Eye for an Eye Divorced Barbie Wasted
16 steps to build a campfire Now this makes sense Signs
How Many? Job Descriptions Advantages of growing older
Merry Christmas Only in America Church Bloopers
Happy Butt Riddle How to win $1000
One Liners Empathy Wise Rooster
Duhhh Chapped Lips Only In America
Nothing but complaints Cook Book Social Security
Small Medium Large Karate Dog Dogma
10 Reasons to go to work naked Pick-up Line Answers Guilty!
Train Delay The Counsler Senile
Finals Bridge I'm Sick
Historical Mothers Damn Impressed Who can wear the pants?
My wife looks good Job Interviews Why oh Why
A Miracle Fairy Godmothers Real World
Quotes Hamsters Blonde Honeymoon
Blonde Diet Sunburn Gods Name?
Girl Talk Guy Talk Dumb Questions
How many dogs... Good Sports Cannibals
Pen Is Stuck Brave Leader Very Interesting
Vampire Drinks Wino More roommate funnies
Turkey Alcohol at work The Litter
Math Lessons Halloween Abe Lincoln
Trick or Treat Assholes You think?
2055 Never Better Halloween 1 liners
Great Costume! Too Late Dont Stop Me!
A Real Vacation Eat Better They get you every time
Best Excuse When I was your age If it looks like shit
Disappointment Lessons In Life Who really designed humans?
Good Alibi Eat Better Eat Better
Eat Better