HHS Class of 71 Guestbook

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super job and thank you from all of us! This brought back many wonderful memories...
David McProud <dmcproud@mcproud.com>
Hutchinson, KS USA -
I second Bobbie's motion: Happy New Year to the Class of '71. For my New Year's Eve excitement, check out our message board. :-)
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE HUTCH HIGH CLASS OF '71' May God bless all of you and your families and keep them safe in 2002.
Elk Grove Village, IL USA -
What a fun site! Sure had a great time at the reunion. Good to see everyone! Looking forward to visiting here often!
Melinda Hemphill Griffith <mkgrn@yahoo.com>
Pleasant Hill, Mo USA -
Actually pictures from any of the past reunions would be nice I think... Nother great idea Lin!
Tanya <tmcnany@kscable.com>
Wichita, KS USA -
Does anyone have pics of any of the reunions that they'd like posted here? I'm sure Tanya could put a Reunion Pics link up here. :-)
Lin Bush
Wichita, KS USA -
This is so cool and I hope all drop in from time to time and tell all of us what you are doing in your life. I really missed hearing about each of you in the 30th "yearbook". Susie Christopher (Suzanne Bateman)
Susie Christopher <Clown4@webtv.net>
Hutchnson, Ks USA -
This is what a reunion website should be.Why didn't someone think of this before? Gene, you sure have a great looking family! Imagine my surprise when the first photos popped up and there was Greg's picture. I thought, "Damn, that sure looks like Greg Balsmeier".
Skip Everett <fwgolfer@southwind.net>
Hutchinson, Ks USA -
What a great site. I really enjoy staying connected with my Hutch friends. Happy Holidays!
Barbara Shaw <bks_53@yahoo.com>
Rockwall, TX USA -
And she says she's not the tech. Great idea Lin!!
Tanya (Johnson)
I can't wait till we get the pictures up! Of course I put a shortcut to this site down in my Quick Launch toolbar. For ease of finding it, I right-clicked on the Salt Hawk logo, saved it, then went to the shortcut properties and set it as the icon. :-)
Lin (Borntrager) Bush <oriana11@kscable.com>
Wichita, KS USA -
Great Site! I will be visiting frequently, so more latter. Hi All! ;-{)} Charlie
Charles Wright <wright-c@pacbell.net>
Ukiah, CA USA -
Great job on the web site ladies. I've enjoyed visiting Rand's site and I know I'll enjoy this as well. The Now and Then pictures are great! Gene and Lin, you look "marvelous"!
Bobbie Sellers
Hi guys, welcome to the site. Look forward to hearing from you. I hope you enjoy the site.
tanya <tmcnany@kscable.com>
Wichita, KS USA -