Even though I'm not very far along with this, I decided to go ahead and open the book so you all can watch the progress. Besides - it's not fair that Lin and I have all the fun is it? Ultimately we plan to put up the Sophmore and Junior books as well as the Senior book. If someone has now information for either of these 2 books thats NOT included in the Senior book, I will put it up as it comes in. Otherwise, we are concentrating on the Senior book for now

If you have any fond or fun memories of any of the fallen hawks, and would like to post a tribute to that hawk, please send the story via email and we would love to post it for you. tanya@ncxo.com We would also appreciate any other information or more recent pics you may have of fallen hawks that we have not recognized - or have incomplete information on.

A couple of helpful tips before you enter.

  • To search for someone by name, go to your browsers tool bar (usually top left) and select edit, find on this page. Enter whatever name you remember, and click on find next. If the person that appears isnt the one you were looking for, click on find next again.

  • Though we do not have many "now" pics yet, anyone who does have now information will have a colored frame around their picture. This includes both deceased classmates and classmates that have forwarded current information.

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